Lionel's Coffee

lionel copy
Last name is Richie.

Greg Phillinganes

KennyGreg copy
Ah! The experience of recording Mr. Greg Phillinganes on the piano. He is by far the most talented musician we’ve worked with. He’ll walk in the room and talk to everyone while we’re playing the song. He’ll then go to the piano room and play the whole damn song in one take. I’m always blown away by his talent.

Aretha's Drums

drumsny copy
We used this beautiful Gretch set in NYC while overdubbing drums on an Aretha song. Notice how neat the assistant is with his cabling.

Aretha in Detroit

Arethagear copy
While recording Aretha, I only used one of these units.

Céline's Lullabye

celinelullaby copy
We recorded Céline’s vocals in Florida but recorded the strings at the SONY lot in Culver City.
The strings were arranged by Bill Ross. Everyone should experience a 30 piece orchestra arranged by Bill Ross.